FIFA World Cup Players Dominating Social Media

Social media has gained huge importance day by day and this importance has made it easy for social media platforms to gain a huge audience in a decade. Social media gets the largest engagement of public when it is about an event being held on the world level.

The results of FIFA World Cup will remain unknown till the mid of July. But one thing is clear because of the social media platforms and that is the competition between players and teams is making people excited and gaining more interests of people towards the matches. The last-minute winning goal of Germany has made Germany rise over from its 4th position to the 2nd now.

Due to this victory, Germany and its success are found just everywhere on almost all of the social media and among their followers now. It is not about the single act and goal made by Toni Kroos, yet it is about the whole team performance and consistency while playing and this is all that matters.

FIFA World Cup is really an amazing event which has got huge importance by people all over the world. Social media has made it easy for the people to have regular updates regarding the matches and social media ranking.

Since the start of the match, team Mexico and Ronaldo were dominating all the social media platforms and only the posts and contents related Ronaldo got the interactions of more than 5 billion social media users. Other than Ronaldo, other players like Messi, Neymar, and Paul Pogba are the people who have hot the interactions of more than 8 million since the time the World Cup has started. England’s Harry has got the following of more than 260,000 fans since the first match he played.

Social media has made it more exciting for the players to play the match and win. It has made the players and team so dominating that it is boosting their performance in matches. Other than this, there are also some criticisms and negative comments, but those are obvious and there is nothing to worry or to bother about that.

These bad comments and criticism could be taken constructively and should not be taken too seriously so that it could not negatively impact the player’s performance.

Social media has given so much dominance and importance to the teams and players taking part in this FIFA World Cup Championship which really helps in keeping the fans up to date about the scenarios and situations of matching and also helps in keeping the complete record of the performance of every team’s players and also about who wins and who loses.

In the end, it is not only about who won or who lost. It is about who played well, who earned fame and who got a huge following throughout the matches. FIFA World Cup players are found everywhere on social media now a day and this is something which keeps on captivating the interest of people towards this great event. People, who don’t know anything about matches, have started taking interest in this World Cup championship just because of these campaigns and dominance of FIFA players all over the social media platforms.


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