Community supported agriculture

Community supported agriculture

Community supported agriculture is beneficial from different perceptive. Health and cost are two dominating factors. People join community supported agriculture (CSA) to be connected with fresh farm life, to help the farmer and to be introduced to new technologies for growing vegetables and fruits. However, just like everything, there are some negative accepts of such purchase. In the next article, we will highlight brighter side and few darker sides of community supported agriculture

Pros: Fresh food:

The top most benefit of community supported agriculture is Fresh Food. Here you will give get ultra-fresh food straight from the farm. They get this food right on almost at their doorstep. Moreover, farmers try to provide fresh as well as organic food. Eating food right in the season is tastier then out of season fruit.


This fresh farm food is easily available. They will reach to your doorstep. These are sold at no profit no loss basis. Moreover, CSA is pocket-friendly for both the farmer and for the consumer. Further going to shop, burning fuel and wasting efforts is avoided.

Save times:

More or less time is required to think, select and pick different vegetables On the contrary , through CSA you will get a complete box containing required amount of every vegetable on the door or nearby. In this way, you save time on thinking and then purchasing actually.

The essence of cooperation:

Community supported agriculture is the collaboration between two parties. This partnership enhances positivity of CSA and covers the risks. This interaction connects and covers the risk involve. As we know, these are developed to provide a facility, so both the parties are stakeholder provide their best efforts to be beneficial.


No doubt Community supported agriculture is interaction with roots. If you are part of some CSA, then you will come across with the lifestyle of a farmer. You will know about their problems; you can participate with at their traditional events and much more. CSA is the best tool to introduce your kids to farming and love of nature.

Cons: Eat it right away:

Eating fresh is good, but you have to eat it right away. These foods contain no preservatives, so their shelf life is very limited. Usually they drop it more then you need it. So at the end of the day, you have to drop some of the shares to your friends.

Cons: Sacrifice of Mood:

Sometimes you will get such vegetable for which you are not ready or not in a mood. On the other hand, you will get something which you have already in bulk. Moreover, there are situations when you have to do with available fruits and vegetables In this case you are left with a minimum choice.

Cons: Responsibility

When you are contracting for community supported agriculture, and then you should be prepared for some responsibilities. Such responsibilities may want to you to organize an event or anything like that. These efforts may reduce administrative cost but will require your valuable time.