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What is YOWhatsApp?

What is YOWhatsApp?

Before you download Yo WhatsApp, here is everything about this application. With this app you can edit all your conversations. Set a unique background image for each friend. Change FONT SIZE. You can also get lots of emojis. Upload full size photos and videos. You can also upload more than 700 photos at the same time. Finally, this app allows you to hide your contact information. However, if you are looking for Yo WhatsApp 2021 download, you might not get all these features. Visit YOWhatsApp to download version 2022 and use these features.

YoWhatsApp Download APK

Is YOWA safe?

Keep in mind that millions of people have uninstalled Yo WhatsApp, but updating the app takes a long time. So there are some bugs and glitches. It's time to update the app. There are no more viruses or insects. Production will not be a problem. It is also completely safe. So you don't have to worry about malware or ads.

Reasons to use YoWA

Everyone wants an updated version of the app instead of the standard or old version. The developers of the app have updated the official versions with new features not found in the original version. There are FM Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus and OGWhastapp, so YoWA is just one of them.

WhatsApp has long been known for its easy-to-use and reliable instant messaging service. It has become normal for many people. But since when did WhatsApp become too simple?

Why not add some excitement to an already solid program? It would be perfect! YoWA does just that. The latest version of YoWhastapp has added many new features. However, if you are looking for the 2021 version of Yowhatsapp, you might not get these amazing features. This is YoWA's personal responsibility.


That's a big problem these days.  Especially when using social media apps, many people think that WhatsApp is not secure enough because other people can sneak into other people's online lives and learn a lot of things about a person. That's what motivates Yousef Al.-Basha to include some privacy features in YoWA, folks, feel safer when you use it.

# who can call me As the name suggests, you can block incoming calls from people you don't want to contact. You just go to their profile and turn on the feature. If someone you block calls you, the call will automatically hang up. In an emergency, just be careful. Someone on the other end could be in dire need. Just use it for totally annoying people I guess.

# Freeze last seen. This feature allows you to use WhatsApp uninterruptedly as other people cannot see what you last saw.

# A blue mark appears after a response. Unlike messages where you see a blue visa even if you don't respond, this feature only shows the visa after you reply. It's good for busy people who can't play again right away.

# Retrieve a message. In the original WhatsApp, when someone deleted a message from the conversation, you could no longer read it. With YoWA, you can still read the other party's deleted private messages. No one can hide it in the future!

# Cancel the delete condition. This allows you to see stories and watch videos of friends who have been deleted. Not to miss the opportunity to be informed.

# Hide preview status. With this flag, the person on the other side will not see your title in the status watch list. In a light, you're invisible. You can see his position, but he can't see you.


For anyone who wants aesthetics and are bored with the hyper-seriousness of WhatsApp, the custom features of YoWA will be entertainment. Here are the details:

# YoThemes Store. This store is your store when you are bored and want your interface to look different. There are over 4000 themes that you can try and use them for free.

# Customize the home page and chat screens. You can change the home screen and window interface; however, you need it that way. You have full control over the various elements on the screen, so go ahead and change the appearance of tabs, text, backgrounds, and what-so.

Home screen mode

Want to make more changes to whatsApp's appearance? Check the resources below for the latest information.

# Contact online advertisers. You will be notified when your contacts are online. It's that simple.

# Change the home screen text size, you can also change the home screen text size.

# Set your name on the app home screen. You can change the text on the app home screen to show your credentials and show your status on the home screen.

# Hide chat messages. No more chat friends! This feature removes these chat splitters and gives your chat screen a unique look.

Dialog screen mode

You can also change the view of the conversation. Here's what you can do about it.

# Set a custom wallpaper for each contact now that the chat box background is no longer boring. You can set a custom wallpaper to chat with your friends. You can set a different background for each contact.

# Hide date and time when copying messages. That way, the time and date of the message you copy will no longer appear and you will have the text you really want to copy.

# Hide contact avatars. If you don't want to see your contacts' photos, you can enable this feature and only your friends' names will be displayed.

# Hide contact name and call key. This function is to remove contact name from header and show only contact picture. This is the exact opposite of the previous action.

Final Words

WhatsApp has become the main blood vessel for modern communications. You can't call yourself an active person if you don't use this app, YoWhatsApp brings more features to your favorite apps. You also get more privacy and freedom. There are also over 20 new features for you in the Updated version of WhatsApp. However, using the modified versions is also risky. Firstly, you may be forbidden to use WhatsApp Plus, which can result in lost information and key messages. You should think twice before using YoWhatsApp. Since it is not listed as a legitimate app, we recommend to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.