The Story Isn’t Finished Yet; FIR registered against Annie Khalid again!

ISLAMABAD: Recently divorced, Pakistani singer Annie Khalid subjected to a case of Treachery and FIR has been registered against her

According to media the First Information Report was registered at Kohishar Prison ISLAMABAD. Fir was registered against Annie by Malik Noraiz Awan who is her ex husband. It is heard that divorce took place because of complications and some personal matters. According to social networks, Malik Noraiz then got married to Sataesh Khan and the wedding pictures also leaked out on facebook. Everybody knows that Annie Khalid fled to London after taking Rs 10 million in cash and Rs 30 million worth jewellery from her house.

But this time according to Noraiz the reason of registering FIR now is that ,he invested 10 million with Annie and still has all the written records. Police said the case is registered after seeing the proves that he invested 10 million but didn’t get any kind of profit and she left.