EP lashes out at media with comeback single ‘Ajab Tamasha Hai

The ‘cool’ rock boyband we loved listening to when it first came out back in early 2000 made rock music worth lending your ears to and visually too perfect to later crave for the likes of chocolate boy avatars. I remember the time when the Pakistani music industry was gradually experiencing a shift of trends from pop to Sufi and then the sudden invasion of soft rock leaning towards progressive rock and metal became up for grabs. The market saw an unbelievable demand for the rock crooners and heavy drummers and hence, the establishment of the music shake-up source was inevitable. Entity Paradigm (EP) was in form!

News of break-ups, scandals on fallouts and grapevine hearsay of numerous stalled projects; 12 years later EP stands tall and gives its perception on the media influence.

Speaking to Daily Times, EP’s lead vocalist Ahmed Ali Butt said, “Ajab Tamasha Hai is a political song and is about media exploitation at large. It is about what media portrays and how it instantly sells to the public. So this obviously means the world is driven to media management and consequently controlling the mindset of everyone for that matter.”

The focal point of the lead vocalist for the main idea behind the video doesn’t falter, rather stays assure of what the song wants to show at large. It’s songs like these that muster a realisation long buried about the spoils of media.

Speaking further about the song, Ahmed says, “I came up with the first main lines for the song, enough to form the basic structure on where the song had to pick up. Salman Albert came up with a better rift and hence a better structure was created. After the lyrics were finalised successfully, we continued with the recording at Salman’s studio.”

The coherent rap, the fine beat of the drum and the heavy rock ensemble perfectly complimenting and complementing the video, is a breath of fresh air at a time when the nation goes ga-ga over love songs and Korean invasion of “Gangnam Style”. Something to call ours is presented with a meaningful track and momentous infusion on screen.

Giving weight to the inspiration behind the song, Ahmed says, “We live in a world, where electronic media especially is tuned in the most by 99 percent of the people, first thing in the morning. So, there we have a huge market for both local and international news channels. And all the media does is sell fear. They tell you what’s wrong, what’s going to happen, what’s ‘rightly’ predicted and all its manifestations. So there’s like this phobia, which has slowly built up, so much as there is now a prevalent dependency on media now. ‘Ajab tamasha’ is a very direct line pin pointing how the media is becoming a monstrous monopoly, because honestly we have no idea what the truth is, but which is still being bought. So basically, the message is very clear and simple with a powerful focus on media exploitation.”

The distinct touch and feel to the song’s video provides a powerful and a gripping approach to the very active media, a major exploitation of sorts needed to be raised a voice over.