Best Musical Cities


When we talk about comparing cities, music is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. A travel website builder will probably compare cities based on factors like livability index, weather, availability of sun kissed beaches and probably a lot of wild animals roaming the streets. I kid.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if we could also use music as a factor while considering our next vacation destination, rummaging through every music blog that ranks highly on SEO to get even the slightest of insights on things like how many of our favorite musicians were born there, which hit song was shot there and the like? I don’t know about you but I think this would be fantastic.

If you share this school of thought and if your hosted website has helped you save up some money, it might just be a good time to leave your house for a few weeks, perhaps just in time to allow, your trusted pest control partner to deal with those nagging little pests that have been giving your pet sleepless nights.

Here we look at possible destinations.

  1.   Bogotá, Colombia

Located in the of Colombia, Bogotá is the third highest capital in the whole of South America in terms of altitude at an average of 2640 meters above sea level. This is not the only ‘high’ thing about the city as in addition to over 50 museums and over 70 art galleries, it is also the destination of choice for some of the top musicians, who regularly hold concerts there.  The city holds no less than 60 festivals every year with the biggest one being Festivales Al Parque with an attendance of over half a million people.


  1.   London, UK

With a multicultural population, a buzzing economy and numerous architectural buildings, it is not as if anyone would need extra motivation to make London their destination of choice. However, it won’t hurt to know that the city also boasts a rich musical culture, often thought as the birthplace of a lot of the musical scenes. Right from small traditional pubs to the mega sized arenas, there is everything in London and it is not a wonder why every band looking for a break through chooses London as their stomping ground

  1.   Berlin, Germany

In addition to seeing the famous Berlin wall and the Brandenburg gate which reminds everyone of pre and post-unification German history, fans of Krautrock, a mixture of electronic and hypnotic punk are sure to very much at home in Berlin. Couple this with a vibrant party scene with many clubs, both small and big and you are sure to enjoy the city.

PS: It is worth noting that this is just our opinion and thanks to SEO companies like, a lot of information on suitable vacation destinations is available. Feel free to research widely based on your specific musical demands.