Amazing European Streets: 3 Cities – 3 Streets

Highways and byways, rivers and canals – European streets are more than impressive, quaint and magical; however, there are some which stand out and demand to be noticed more so than all the others. Regardless of what you are searching for – cobbled lanes, gallery lined canals, a food-lovers paradise – you can feel confident you will find it somewhere on a street in a European city.

Three of the most impressive European streets and the cities where they reside can be found here.

Grosser Muristalden in Bern

Looking from a distance, the Grosser Muristalden will not seem like it has much to offer, especially against the picturesque alleyways and arcades in a city as spectacular as Bern.

Essentially, it is a normal road with asphalt that contrasts sharply with the green, cold Aare River. There are no galleries, museums or shops, just ever-changing views of one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland.