Ali Rao Song Aandhi

Muhammad Ali Arslan Rao A.K.A Ali Rao started his musical career in 2004 in ‘Achanak the band’ as a guitarist in Karachi. After having a rough time the band broke but Ali Rao continued his Music career through pure passion, dreams and desires. In 2010 Ali Rao head to India for a famous show known as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa singing superstar 2010 India. later in 2011 he joined National College of Arts, Lahore Musicology, In the year 2010 Ali had composed this song ‘Aandhi’ which is based on the current situation of Pakistan, which includes Poverty, target killing, politics and much more.

“When asked about Aandhi this is what the singer had to say “with the support of my family and friends i decided to go for studio and record this song, but fate wasn’t with me at that moment so i kept struggling and then after so many hurdles and difficulties i came up with this song AANDHI, Aandhi was basically on the current situation of Pakistan the mayhem and chaos in Pakistan was so brutal that it made me to sing this kind of serious song, and things didn’t changed the same situation is still here in Pakistan, unknown terrorists killing innocent people and no one is here to look after them”

The singer is spot on with his words in the song, it touches every suffering soul in Pakistan facing the issues in daily life, the video is strong and it says a lot of what’s happening. More songs and videos like this should be made since it brings awareness to one’s mind.